My Financial Goals

As I looked into Budgeting Basics, I realized I need to share my own financial goals and explain what I mean by “Young, Gifted, Black & Broke”?

To be Young, Gifted, Black & Broke means you realize your unlimited talent, ability and enthusiasm but you are at a point where you’re “broken.” Broken means that you’ve set goals for yourself and no matter how hard you tried to reach them, you can’t. You make some progress but you can’t sustain it. It also means that you’re doing things the way “you’re supposed to” and you’re still unhappy.

My goal is that I want people, Young People of Color especially, to release the stigma of not having it together. That stinging feeling of isolation that comes along with trying to get it together while pretending to have it together? We need to get rid of that as well. This blog is to remind you that if you are unhappy, you have the power to change your situation.

Leave your excuses behind, think new thoughts, form new habits and move forward! With that, I share my financial goals below!

GOAL 1: I want to pop tags*!

At the end of the day, my BIG financial goal is simple: I want to walk into a store, see something I like that’s not on sale and purchase it without looking at the price tag. Why? Because that’s financial freedom (to me). Currently, I walk into a store and I look at items in terms of student loan and/or credit card payments. For instance, we could go to a department store together and see a really nice pair of Jessica Simpson shoes and not think, “Oh! I could get these shoes OR I could make two Sallie Mae payments or four and a half credit card payments.” That is stressful! I want to look great because there is an inherent need to look awesome because I am awesome and I want to do it from the regular priced clothing rack. Ultimately.

GOAL 2: I don’t want debt associated with my name.

The other day, I read something very simple and profound. Proverbs 22:7 states, “Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender.” This became very clear to me during a very heated conversation with a Sallie Mae Representative who informed me that I needed to pay them because “it’s our money. It’s not your money. We gave that you and we want it back.” She’s still waiting…but she was right! As long as Loans 05, 06, and 07 are accruing interest on principle balances, I owe them. And as long as I owe them, I can’t say that I own my name. After I realized that, I decided I want a debt free name. It’s all that’s really mine anyway.

GOAL 3: I want to live my real estate daydreams.

One of my most favorite shows in the history of shows is House Hunters International. Once I get over the questionable comments that the house seekers make about wanting to be a part of some “exotic” culture but not of it, I’m all in. I’m also in awe that people casually say, “Oh, our housing budget is 1.8 million.” They say it in the same tone of “Oh my drink is warm. More ice please.” and I think that is so cool! Because I think it’s cool, I find myself daydreaming about having homes all over the globe and I want these dreams to come true. It’s just that simple.

GOAL 4: I want to leave things for those who come behind me.

Some people may think why isn’t this up higher on the list? It’s simple – I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Then I’ll share those fruits. I want the ability to gift younger family members and my friends’ children monetary gifts to get them started on their life’s passions. That way, they aren’t starting at from nothing or owing something to someone.

GOAL 5: I want to start a scholarship in my Brother’s name.

My eldest Brother passed away in 1997 and I will honor his love of the sciences by starting a scholarship fund in his name. It will be for young people of color interested in furthering their education in the sciences (he went to school for Engineering). Eventually, I want to fund the college educations of 5 young men and 5 young women a year.

Those are my financial goals. Be sure to share yours in the comment section.


*If you are unfamiliar with the phrase “popping tags,” I simply mean having so much money that you buy copious amounts of everything with no regard to the actual price. Other catchy phrases that are similar to this: “cashing out” and “getting my roll on” a la Cash Money Millionaires style.


2 thoughts on “My Financial Goals

  1. Great goals to have. I like your “walk into a store, see something I like that’s not on sale and purchase it without looking at the price tag” FF goal. I have a bit of a different definition for financial freedom: monthly passive income greater than monthly expenses equals Financial Freedom. In any case, Good luck! P.S your branding name (e.g younggiftedblackbrok) is brilliant 🙂

    • I definitely agree with the monthly passive income being greater than monthly expenses being Financial Freedom. I know for me, a most immediate goal, is to not feel guilt when I want to shop or buy something. And thank you for affirming the name of my blog/brand! I greatly appreciate it. 🙂

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