Finding Optimism in Financial Adversity

As of the writing of this post, I am still unemployed and legally homeless (I am gratefully staying with a relative). The final quarter of 2013 has been challenging to say the least and many days, it is a little hard to find optimism.

I remember reading once upon a time that the way to find more to be happy about is to be happy about what you have. For the most part, that is definitely true. But when you have days upon weeks upon months of challenges, it’s hard to be the picture of optimism.

It is especially tough when you felt like you did the absolute best for yourself by leaving your security net (of a job that didn’t really serve you well).

However, I do have a few things to be grateful for and that’s what I remain optimistic about. Here are my nuggets of gratitude:

  1. My business, Professional By Design NOLA, seems to be picking up at a steady pace which is AWESOME! I decided to focus on it full-time (while getting another full-time job as a second option) and I think that may be the best decision.
  2. The temp agency that I worked through in 2011 told me that I can come back fairly easily. This means that I’ll at least have a little bit of money coming in.
  3. A few people have asked me for some advice consulting wise which means that the people I’ve helped in the past have been saying good things. Also good.
  4. I have some of my Professional Self-Esteem back after an amazing opportunity to interview in another city. Although it didn’t work out, I’m going to remind myself that it means that my skill set is valuable (which is something I was struggling with).

So that’s it! Four things that have kept me pretty optimistic in the face of financial adversity. I hope to report soon that I have a second full-time job.




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