What qualifies me to run a blog on finances? Well, absolutely nothing…and that in and of itself, means something to me. I am, as you have probably guessed from the blog name, Young, Gifted, Black AND Broke. Currently, I’m a young, Black woman who by all accounts and perceptions has it together. How young am I? I’m under 30. How gifted am I? Two degrees under my belt (one being from an Ivy League university — if you need that kind of reassurance). What else qualifies me for this? Well, in addition to having a “good” job with some benefits, a checking and two “savings” accounts, I possess a basic understanding of financial principles and I’m still broke!

The reality is that I’m like many of my peers and much of America. If there were a self-help group for people who “have it together but still live paycheck to paycheck,” I’d nominate myself for President without a moment’s hesitation. And that’s why I decided to start this blog. I have questions…lots of questions…on how NOT to be that person. But the more questions I had, the more I realized that I didn’t know where to start looking for the answers.

Ultimately, I did start and the information that I found, while useful, sometimes felt like it didn’t apply to me. Given that there are so many young people like me, especially young people of color, I got the idea to start this blog. Here’s what you can expect here:

  • Honest accounts of my financial status (it’s embarrassing but maybe it won’t sting so much knowing there are others like me)
  • Simplified information that helped me get control of my finances and to reach my personal financial goals
  • Resources that helped me INCLUDING honest reviews of books that I found useful or not-so-useful

Here’s what you need to know – while I am educated and have a few degrees, none of them are related to Finances. Please read my Disclaimer for more on that.

I hope you all enjoy the ride and learn something along the way. Don’t be afraid to follow me on Twitter or to shoot me an email me at yng.gftd.blk.brk@gmail.com if you have any questions.

All material contained on this page is copyright © 2013, unless otherwise noted.


One thought on “About

  1. I love the concept of this blog. Your story sounds like mine “I’m under 30…Two degrees under my belt” and “addition to having a “good” job with some benefits, a checking and two “savings” accounts, I possess a basic understanding of financial principles and I’m still broke.”
    That was my life up until today. Why today? I just turned 30 but everything else is the same. I can’t wait to read more on here.

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