A Preview for 2014

Happy Holidays!

I hope this post finds all of you who read my blog in the best of spirits. This isn’t an update blog as I don’t have much to update but more of announcement for 2014. For the entire year, I will be focusing on ways to save money using every day strategies and each month will be focused on another strategy.

This series of money-saving strategies is courtesy of a post I read on wisebread called “51 Unusual Ways to Save Money.” I came up with some ideas after I managed to close my mouth from the shock of some suggestions like “swipe fresh flowers from graves and give them to living people.”


At any rate, I came up with twelve Money Saving Strategies that I will be using as monthlong challenges to up the amount in my savings accounts. The first challenge will be announced early on January 1st and you’ll be invited to join me along for the ride.

(Hint: You can tie it into a resolution or intention that you plan to set!)

Here’s to a new year of saving! Cheers!